Low Fat High Protein Recipes

HWK Tuna Sushi Orbs

Easy to make, fresh tasting, light and filling. Theses HWK Tuna Sushi Orbs are great for lunch, snacking on or as part of a lighter dinner. Well balanced macronutrient content makes them perfect for both reps and post workout. Batch cook them and keep them in the fridge using a sealable container. Usually these will be fine for up to 5 days refrigerated. Great for busier days and portable lunch ideas. Tuna and rice are easily digested by most, preventing uncomfortable digestion issues you may experience from richer more complex foods and dishes. Check out other recipes we have here.


1. In a large bowl add the rice, tuna, sesame oil, rice vinegar & soy sauce. 

2. Mix well and roll into “ping pong” size orbs.

3. Finely grate the ginger and scatter on top of orbs 

4. Slice avocado and spread on top of orbs  

5. Serve and enjoy

Optional Extras

1. Roll orbs in 15g of sesame seeds (adds 84kcal)

2. Serve on a bed of chopped spinach, rocket, cucumber, tomatoes to create a tasty salad meal. (Approx 80kcal added)

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