As coaches our primary concern is not praise but your testimonial is certainly very welcomed. We are always looking to improve the client experience, positve feedback helps us understand what is valued and working well. In contrast, should you have improvement feedback for us please do let us know using our contact details here.

Client satisfaction and results are why we exist. Just like people, goals come in all shapes and sizes, the varieties are endless. It’s vitally important then that as coaches we take time to understand each and every client we are supporting. 

We’re confident we do our very best to ensure each client receives unrivalled levels of support and guidance. Which in turn promotes amazing results. Check out some of the statements made by former and current clients here at HWK FIT. 

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I've been working with Dan for 13 months now. His approach, skill set and knowledge has changes my life, this sounds dramatic but its true.

The nutritional and fitness knowledge has given me, has given me the skills I need to understand how to achieve personal health goals I have.

Dan has a great understanding of all the areas within health to truly make a difference with people physically & emotionally.

What I achieve with Dan far exceed's what I thought I was capable of. This testimonial doesn't do him or HWK FIT justice, but it hopefully demonstrates my gratitude and respect to all of their support.
Dan is the whole package. He has a great understanding and skill set, when it comes to nutrition, fitness and creating habits to help.

He is very approachable and has a unique ability to get the best out of people. Dan helped me understand my nutrition and exercise. Giving me ideas on how to approach my health in a way that compliments me and my lifestyle.

This has freed me up from gruelling diet plans that don't work. I feel I can now maintain good health and body that I'm happy with. All with relative ease and enjoyment. Thank you.
Dan came recommended by a friend who works with him. I was looking for someone to help me break bad habits, improve my diet and improve my body composition.

Right away Dan and I had a great rapport. He really listened to me and designed a program to complement me as an individual.

Dan had a gift to unlock the best in me. I always felt very supported by him. He was always on hand if I had any questions or concerns.

After sometime with Dan my body changed dramatically, but more importantly I became mentally stronger and happier. Cheers mate.
- Myles Raymond
I have greatly benefited from the variety of sessions Dan can offer.

Mental wellbeing: Dan helped me explore my "why" that drove some of my eating behaviours. and helped to realign my approach which has seen my relationship with food be dramatically improved.

Gym performance: through 1:1 training I have acquired the correct techniques from Dan to optimise my time and thereof make improvements much more quickly. Beginner or advanced Dan can get you to the next level
- Ben Scull
Being a mixed martial arts athlete I need to keep my weight under control, whist maintaining energy and performance. I've always found this one of the hardest elements when competing. Dan and HWK FIT reviewed my diet and training history. I felt they really got to know me and what I value. From there Dan was able to create me a nutritional programme to complement my targets. Using this in preparation for my most recent fight. Not only did I make weight, I felt stronger and fitter than I ever did before. As a result I won my fight.

Further more Dan got involved to help me recover after that fight, which vastly decreased the time it took for me to feel great again. His understanding about sports supplements really allowed me to perform and recover my best.

I always felt Dan used these responsibly, more than that though I learned how these can be used at particular times to achieve certain goals. Like increase strength, power, fat loss and endurance.

HWK FIT, Dan and I now work closely together to ensure I continue progressing out of camp and ramp up the detail during , pre and post fight.
I know also work with Dan and Kay to strengthen my mind in addition to body.
Matt Screen testimonial picture
- Matt Screen
I contacted Dan via his site, to see if he could help me breakthrough some training and performance plateaus I was becoming frustrated with. I also have a rugby background and consider myself relatively fit and healthy. Not overweight or unconditioned, but wanted to achieve greater results.
Dan was personable and listened to my ideas.

I felt right away that HWKFIT and Dan genuinely wanted to help, which reassured me that I was on the right path.

Fast track 4 months and I have dropped 5% body fat, maintained all my strength / muscle and feel great. Dan helped me understand fitness concepts and performance nutrition which enabled me to push through and into a new realm of achievement.
Furthermore I really enjoyed some of the training programmes I used. The hwk ultimate nutrition programme really helped me learn and embed new nutritional skills that I now use daily.
Dans scientific approach to training is nothing short of meticulous, making training more than just a movement, it’s been a pleasure. This approach is not just refreshing it’s one that’s proven to work. Being an athlete who has worked through stages of progression. Dans factors which makes him unique - simply demonstrates past and present great condition. Relatable, attentive, encouraging a lifestyle routine whilst keeping sessions regular. Dan has been instrumental in my journey so far…