In Person Coaching Session

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What To Expect

  • 60-Minute In Person Coaching
  • Bristol, UK Area Only
  • At Your Home Or Chosen Place
  • Use For A Fitness Session
  • Use For A Nutritional Session
  • Use For A Life Coach Session
  • Progress In Your Chosen Area
  • Simply Book Your Hour Below

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Welcome! Are you keen to dive deep into your personal development, elevate your fitness prowess, or refine your nutritional game-plan? I invite you to join me, Dan Howick, for an impactful 60-minute 1:1 In Person Coaching Session right here in Bristol, England, UK. Unlike online sessions, this face-to-face experience offers you in-the-moment guidance and professional support in the realms most relevant to you—may it be Fitness, Nutrition or Life Coaching.

So, your keen to give personal coaching ago but not sure what to do or expect? Read a little further and I’ll explain how it works.

🗓️What Do I Do?

Simply book your session at a time and date that suits you. I will then be in contact for a quick chat, to find out more about you, your goals and our intentions for our upcoming session.


Aspiring athletes looking for real-time evaluation and adjustments to their in-gym workout strategies. Individuals keen on fine-tuning their dietary habits with on-the-spot professional advice. Anyone in the Bristol area seeking an in-person, enriching, and immediate coaching experience.


Indulge in a 60-minute one-on-one session, featuring expert advice, hands-on fitness guidance, immediate nutritional counsel, and actionable life coaching tips—all in an intimate, in-person setting right in Bristol.

🏋️‍♀️ Fitness Coaching

Live Workout Evaluation

Whether you’re at a Bristol gym or a convenient outdoor location, I’ll be right there with you, ensuring each rep and set is performed to perfection, maximising your gains.

Technique Refinement

Say goodbye to uncertainty. I’ll provide you with instant adjustments and pointers to make your exercise regimen more proficient.

Fitness Assessment

I’ll scrutinise your existing workout plan (if you have one) and zero in on avenues for refinement, charting a more direct course towards achieving your physical goals.

🥑 Nutrition Coaching

Immediate Nutritional Feedback

I’ll conduct an on-the-spot review of your dietary habits, providing actionable insights for immediate enhancement.

Nutritional Skill Mastery

Master the craft of conscious eating, deciphering food labels, and making nutritionally sound choices—all within the span of a single session.

Dietary Progress Analysis

Together, we’ll gauge how your current dietary regimen complements your fitness and wellness objectives, steering you towards more beneficial choices.

💛 Life Coaching

Challenge Assessment

Whether you’re wrestling with big life questions or minor dilemmas, we’ll address these issues and develop practical methods to begin surmounting them.

Tailored Strategies

Leave our session armed with specific action plans designed around your unique challenges and mindset.

Attitude Adjustment

Experience how a single dialog can reshape your world view. Gain real-time insights that bolster a resilient and forward-thinking mentality.


Instantaneous Guidance

This session is not a precursor to a long-term plan but is structured to offer immediate, actionable advice you can implement straight away.

Proficient Oversight

With a background that encompasses personal training, nutritional therapy, and life coaching, this 60 minute session can be use by you in a multifaceted way.

Unbeatable Proximity

Held in-person in Bristol, all you need to do is show up! I will come to your home or an agreed destination, equipped with everything needed to facilitate any type of session. Receive transformative advice without the barriers of screens and unstable internet connections.

Don’t miss this opportunity to pivot, refine, and potentially revolutionise an aspect of your life in just one focused hour. Reserve your spot today and make a definitive move towards a healthier, happier you.

👍What Next?

As previously mentioned just book your session and I’ll promptly be in touch.


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