1:1 Online Coaching Session

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What To Expect

  • 60-Minute Online Personal Coaching
  • Use For Fitness, Nutrition Or Mind
  • Live Workout Technique Review
  • Instant Nutritional Guidance
  • Real-Time Life Challenge Solutions
  • Expert Feedback and Direction
  • Actionable Takeaways Guaranteed
  • Simply Book Your Hour Below

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Welcome! Are you ready to take a deep dive into the realm of your personal growth, fitness performance, or nutritional habits? Join me, Dan Howick, for an empowering 60-minute 1:1 Online Fitness Diet Or Life Coaching Session. This session is designed to be a real-time, immersive experience where you’ll get on-the-spot guidance and expert feedback in the areas that matter to you the most—be it Fitness, Nutrition, or Life Coaching.

👫 Who For?

  • Fitness enthusiasts wanting immediate feedback on their gym or home workout routine.
  • Individuals curious about optimising their nutritional habits.
  • Those navigating life challenges and in need of immediate, actionable advice.


Experience a 60-minute personalised coaching session with specialist feedback, live workout guidance, real-time nutritional advice, and actionable solutions to life challenges—all from the convenience of an online setting with our Online Fitness Diet Or Life Coaching Session.

🏋️‍♀️ Fitness Coaching:

Live Workout Feedback

Whether you’re at the gym or your home setup, I’ll guide you through your routine, making sure every rep and set is done with optimum form and intensity.

Form and Technique Correction

No more second-guessing if you’re doing it right. Receive real-time corrections and tips to make your workout more effective.

Training Review

We’ll discuss your current fitness routine to identify areas for improvement, setting you on a more efficient path to your goals.

🥑 Nutrition Coaching:

Nutritional Insight

We’ll evaluate your current diet in real-time and identify easy, practical steps for immediate improvement.


Learn the art of mindful eating, understanding food labels, and making smarter nutritional choices—all in just one session.

Progress Review

We’ll assess how well your current dietary choices align with your goals, giving you the nudge in the right direction.

💛 Life Coaching:

Challenge Diagnosis

No issue is too big or small. We’ll talk through the challenges you’re currently facing and identify realistic approaches to start overcoming them.

Immediate Action Plans

Walk away with actionable strategies tailored to your individual circumstances and mindset.

Mindset Orientation

A single conversation can shift your perspective. Get real-time insights to help shape a resilient and proactive mindset.


🔍 WHY Opt For This Session?

Immediate Feedback

This is not a preparatory session for a long-term programme; it’s about providing instant, actionable advice that you can use immediately.

Expert Direction

Leveraging years of professional experience in personal training, nutritional therapy, and life coaching, your goals are in expert hands.

Unparalleled Convenience

Conducted online, all you need is a stable internet connection to access game-changing advice from the comfort of your location.

Seize this chance to pivot, improve, and possibly transform an area of your life in just one concentrated hour. Book your session now and take the next best step in your journey to a better you.


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