1:1 Online Fitness and Diet Coaching Subscription

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What To Expect

  • Results Or Your Money Back*
  • Custom Fitness & Nutrition Plans
  • Free Recipe & Cookbooks
  • Weekly 1:1 Online Coaching (45 min)
  • 24/7, 1:1 Support – Tel, Text, Email
  • Data & Performance Tracking
  • Ongoing Programme Updates

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Unlock a life of optimal fitness, balanced nutrition, and profound fulfilment with our HWK FIT’s exclusive monthly 1:1 Online Fitness and Diet Coaching Subscription, tailored uniquely for you.

💪 Expected Achievements:

Body Transformation

Shed fat, carve out muscles, increase strength and fitness and usher in a physique that not only looks but feels great.

Optimised Nutrition

Dive into a nutritional plan that rejuvenates your health and fitness from the inside out. And learn the skills and understanding needed to sustain your achievements.

Lifelong Well-being

Cultivate holistic well-being skills; balancing mind and body. Personalised mindset coaching to increase resilience and motivation, for sustained results

Empowered Self-Confidence

As you achieve your physical and mental goals, watch your self confidence soar, readying you to conquer any challenge that comes your way.

Consistent Progress

With regular reviews, anticipate a journey marked by consistent progress and evolution, all resources tailored to your evolving goals.

🗝️ Key Features

Free Consultation

Begin your transformative journey with your free consultation that’s anything but generic. We’ll explore your unique fitness aspirations, nutritional habits, and lifestyle choices. You’re the only thing that matter here, your feedback helps me create a personal programme perfect for your goals.

Personal Coaching Journal

We’re turning your fitness journey into an epic tale, one entry at a time. Online Fitness and Diet Coaching Journal allows both you and me to track your workouts, nutritional choices, and moments of revelation. After all, you’re the hero of this story— let’s document it properly.

Sport/Goal Specific Coaching

Whether you’re gunning for the Olympics or seeking a slender image, our coaching is tailored to your specific sport or objective. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all strategy; this is coaching that takes your unique goals as its commandments.

Custom Fitness & Nutrition Plans

Bid farewell to generic fitness apps and yawn-inducing diets. Welcome a fully customised plan designed around you—your body, your habits, your life. It’ll fit you better than your favourite pair of trainers.

Recipes & Cookbooks (plus free updates)

Your taste buds won’t know what hit them! Our curated recipes ensure that your meal plan is as enticing as it is nutritious. And with free updates, consider your culinary journey evergreen. Bon appétit!

Weekly 1:1 Online Coaching (45 min)

Your weekly 45-minute one-on-one coaching session is your pit stop for refining strategy, celebrating successes, and perhaps sharing a laugh or two. It’s the board meeting where the only agenda is you.

24/7 Direct Client, Coach Messaging Support

Your aspirations don’t keep office hours, so neither do I. With 24/7 messaging support, any question, concern, or burst of inspiration is addressed promptly. It’s like having a life coach, gym buddy, and cheerleader rolled into one, available at your fingertips.

Ongoing Programme Updates

You’re an ever-changing masterpiece; your online fitness and diet coaching programme should  too. As you evolve, your strategies and tasks will adapt to ensure you’re always moving toward your goals, never hitting a plateau.

Science-Backed Strategies

Welcome to the evidence-based revolution. Our methods aren’t based on hearsay or the latest fad; they’re grounded in scientific research. Because why gamble with your well-being when you can rely on proven strategies?

Results Or Your Money Back

We’re in the business of transformations, not transactions. If you’ve followed the programme and not achieved, you’ll get a full refund.

👫 Who For?

All Ages and Abilities

I deliver to a diverse range of individuals spanning ages 16 to 99, encompassing all genders, races, and religions. If your goal is to enhance your fitness, refine your eating habits, and fortify your mindset, I stand ready to assist.

Age Consideration

Those below 18 will require consent from their parents or guardians before we commence any coaching sessions.

Ability Level

Whether you’re taking your first steps in the realms of fitness and nutrition or you’re a professional athlete seeking a competitive edge, my coaching spans the entire spectrum of abilities.

Technical Requirements

Ensure you have access to a computer and phone. These are essential for accessing your tailored programmes and for maintaining direct communication with me.

Training Environment

While I recommend having gym access for a broader range of exercises, I can also design highly effective home workouts. These can leverage body weight or minimal equipment to help you achieve your fitness goals.

🔍 Why HWK FIT?

Integrated Expertise

Delve into a well-rounded experience that seamlessly merges fitness, nutrition, and life coaching. With HWK FIT, you have the advantage of harnessing the expertise of a seasoned personal trainer, nutritional therapist, and life coach, all bundled into a singular, powerful package.

Proven Success

Align yourself with a distinguished community of clients who have not merely reached their objectives, but have surpassed them under our watchful mentorship. Their inspiring transformations validate the efficiency and bespoke nature of our coaching techniques.

Dedicated One-on-One Focus

Engage in a direct partnership with me, bypassing any middlemen or off-the-shelf strategies. Revel in undiluted attention, where every detail of your programme is intricately designed to resonate with your individual ambitions.

Client-Centric Methodology

Our modus operandi, grounded in sound scientific knowledge, continually evolves to mirror your distinct aspirations and necessities. At HWK FIT, you’re not just a client – you’re the driving force behind our tailored approach.

Holistic Success

Our coaching service is tailored precisely to what matters most to you. Whether your ambition is to elevate your fitness, refine your diet, or strengthen your mindset, our coaching aligns perfectly with your individual needs, prioritising your accomplishments.

Empowerment and Continuous Growth

With us, your journey doesn’t conclude at the attainment of short-term objectives. Our mission is to impart crucial insights, endowing you with the wisdom and resources needed to perpetuate your triumphs and ceaselessly push the envelope of your capabilities.

Exceptional Value

Investing in coaching services like ours is an investment in your health – arguably the most paramount reason to utilise your hard-earned money. However, we firmly believe that top-tier services shouldn’t be out of reach financially. While we never compromise on the quality of our offerings, we’ve streamlined our operations to provide an efficient service, ensuring that we can make premium coaching both attainable and affordable.

💡 Seal Your Success

Embrace a transformative journey tailored to your aspirations. Benefit from our proven track record, personal touch, and commitment to your success. Subscribe today, and let’s co-create a brighter, healthier, more fulfilled tomorrow.

* Terms and conditions apply.

I look forward to the prospect of our journey ahead.

Daniel Howick

Personal Trainer | Nutritional Therapist | Life Coach



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