High Fibre Low Fat High Protein Recipes

HWK Pork Meatballs Beetroot & Fennel

HWK Pork Meatballs Beetroot & Fennel is a delicious and satisfying traybake dish, that requires minimal prep. The ingredients listed serve 4 people. Perhaps an option to batch cook meals to be consumed later in the week. If your not a pork fan, you can easily swop to a turkey, beef or chicken mince instead. Vegetarian? Then replace pork with qourn mince instead.  

This meal is well balanced including high protein, complex carbs and low fat. Beetroot in particular is loaded with vitamins, minerals and plant compounds that may have medicinal properties. Beets are great for folate which is essential for heart health and lowering blood pressure. 

Beetroot has a high nitrate profile which some studies show may be beneficial for athletic performance. Nitrates are big in the world of cycling as some research has shown them to increase oxygen uptake by up to 20%, however more studies need to be conducted as results are mixed.


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