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OPTIMISE: 10 Natural Ways To Boost Testosterone

OPTIMISE: 10 Natural Ways To Boost Testosterone


OPTIMISE: 10 Natural Ways To Boost Testosterone

Testosterone is a sex steroid hormone produced naturally in our bodies and plays a key role to our reproductive health, as well as being a key driver to the development and maintenance of muscle mass, bone mass, body hair, fat distribution and more. 

Optimal levels of testosterone are essential to good health and wellness. Healthy levels assist better; moods, physical ability, libido, recovery and reproductive health.

As you age your natural testosterone levels start to decline. This usually happens at around age 30 and levels continue to drop from there. Lifestyles also impact your testosterone markers. 

Lower levels of this sex hormone can have negative side affects which include: reduced ability to build and sustain muscle, lower libido, low energy and mood and fat gain. 

To optimise your physical and mental health having healthy testosterone levels are very important.  Here’s 10 natural ways to boost testosterone. 

10 ways to boost your testosterone


Man Barbell Squatting A Heavy Weight

Research demonstrates that using heavy compound weight resistance lifts can help release testosterone particularly in younger populations.  

All people aged 18+ should incorporate a weight lifting routine into their exercise schedule to promote long term health and wellbeing. And prevent age related diseases like sarcopenia.

Compound lifts that can help include Deadlifts, Overhead Press, Squats, Bent Over Rows and Bench Press.

Strength training rep and set ranges are typically 6reps, for 5 sets. For more information on optimised training give us a shout here. Consider your intensity also, when working out. I see far to manny gym goers cruising and wondering why they aren’t making any progress. This article will help you understand how to better monitor and gauge your intensity levels. “How to monitor intensity for better gains.


2. Get your sleep

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Sleep is a major player in health and wellness. Whilst everybody has varying degrees of “optimal sleep levels,” It’s generally considered that 7-8 hours of sleep per day is needed for good health. 

Studies show that people failing to meet their sleep quotas experience a significant drop in testosterone levels.

Signs you may have low testosterone include: 

  • Low sex drive
  • Moodiness
  • Fat gain
  • Muscle wastage (catabolism) 
  • Erectile dysfunction in men
  • Fatigue
  • Reduced strength and endurance 
  • Reduced cognitive functioning (including memory & focus)

3. lower stress levels

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Let’s be clear stress is essential to us all. Some stress is actually good for us. Take exercise as an example. You’re putting your body through physical stress. In the right doses your body will adapt to these stressors to make it more able. Too much however and. For instance overtraining.

These same can be said for emotional stress. A little. can be helpful but to much and the mind starts to become overwhelmed.  

Studies found that all stress releases cortisol which lowers testosterone. The two hormones have an inverse relationship, but both are needed. Testosterone is only lower temporarily during small “positive” stress situations like training or problem solving. 

Prolonged elevation in cortisol can promote abdominal weigh gain, catabolism, fatigue, low libido and more. 

If you can’t remove stress, start by practicing how you respond to it. Use mindful techniques to realign your approach to a resolve. This can dramatically help you to cope. In doing so lessen the spike of cortisol release. For coaching to help contact us here.

4. Limit ALcohol

Alcohol images

Alcohol has been shown through many studies to lower libido, reduce sexual performance (erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation) and hinder reproductive health. 

Moreover prolonged abstinence from alcohol sees these effects diminish. With T levels returning to normal and most if not all of other health issues being eradicated (in many people). 

Heavy drinking both short and long term will likely affect your testosterone levels. And with it many of the well know side affects as a result. 

Limit alcohol and when consumed drink responsibly. If you have signed up to our ultimate nutrition programme, view our fact sheet on alcohol form more information on this and more. 

5. Known t-boosting Supplements

Research has found evidence that incorporating some of these  natural supplements can help to boost testosterone. 

Vit D3 – Low levels of this has been shown to decrease testosterone.

Zinc – essential for many chemical reactions with the body. Healthy levels promote sexual health. Studies have found supplementing zinc to positively affect testosterone levels.

Fenugreek – A herb based supplement known for its T boosting power.

Ashwagandha – Growing in popularity this natural product helps relieve stress. Lowering cortisol allowing testosterone to increase.

GingerEating ginger root can be just as effective, but to consume ginger easier these capsules can help. 

Testo+ (all-in-one) – Having a cupboard full of T-bboosting products isn’t always practical. Product like these dose effective amounts of key ingredients like fenugreek, ginger, ashwagandha.

6. Love, Life & Laugh

Diverse group of People enjoying life, laughing and lightheartedness

Aim to be light hearted. In fast paced, high performing and pressured environments, people nowadays tend to feel more uptight. People are working harder for longer often in doors and in more recent years, in an isolated settings.

This promotes negative emotions such as anxiety, low self-esteem, paranoia, depression to name but a few.

Like stress this results in high levels of cortisol which can decrease the availability of testosterone.   

7. Diet & Macro SPlit

Studies have found a positive connection between balanced diets and testosterone levels. Typically a high protein, moderate carb and lower fat diet can indeed modulate testosterone levels favourable. 

Consuming a carb source with protein directly after exercise in particular may help promote testosterone levels. 

Refrain from regularly overeating your calories each day. Doing so will help prevent unnecessary weight gain. Which also hinders testosterone levels (see next).

Essentially, eat well to bump up your sex hormones. 

8. drop some weight

Man working out with medicine ball

Obesity causes many negative health issues. Many studies draw parallels between men who are overweight and a reduction in testosterone. 

Aim to have lower levels of body fat and more amounts of quality muscle. Living a healthier lifestyle is a good start. Eat well, exercise, avoid alcohol and rest. For most men in their     20-40s around a 15% body fat is both achievable and sustainable. And for women a body fat percentage around 25% is considered `”healthy.”  

Use one of our weight resistance programmes to enhance your ability to build muscle and sustain fat loss result. 

Enhance your knowledge and understanding of nutrition by enrolling onto our ultimate nutrition programme. Which teaches and supports your to eat well, giving you the lifelong autonomy needed to stay fit and well for good. 

9. Eat more ginger

For centuries ginger has been used to promote sexual appetite amongst men. Recent scientific evidence has demonstrated that eating gin ver can in fact boost testosterone, which as a result can increase libido. 

Oxidative stress caused by poor diet, environmental conditions, a poor lifestyle and a lack of exercise can damage DNA and cells. 

Ginger helps to fight free radicles, stabilise blood sugars, improve blood flow in the testicles and recycle testosterone receptors. 

10. Opiates & Presciption drugs

Prescription drugs & opiates

Research shows that chronic overuse of opiates and similar prescription drugs dramatically lower sexual arousal levels and sexual performance.

These substances can suppress testosterone. Possibly indicating symptoms include erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low libido.

Limit the use of these products to help natural testosterone levels return to your normal. 

CBD gummies and oils can be used in addition to help with pain management and stress relief.

The Run Down

Young woman exercising, running down steps near beach, low angle view

Healthy levels of testosterone are very important in both men and women. Although levels in men are needed to be much higher. 

Low testosterone (hypogonadism) can be debilitating and dangerous to health. Symptoms include; erectile dysfunction, fatigue, moodiness, sleeping difficulties, reduced strength, infertility, less hair production, lower sex drive, poor concentration, stroke, heart attack, fragile bones.  

Equally having high testosterone comes with its own health risks, such as gynecomastia (man boobs), increased body fat, aggression, prostate cancer, heart disease, stroke, increased blood pressure.

Should you think you have low or high testosterone and live a healthy lifestyle, speak with your doctor who will be able to arrange blood testing. 

In addition, blood testing sites can be a brilliant way to find out the conditions of your blood, hormones and more.

To naturally increase your testosterone start by consistently applying some of the above known health related strategies. One of our coaches can support you for further advice if needed, and help you find out if addressing your testosterone levels might be worth investigating, contact us here