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HR Labs Basic Pre Workout; if you are going to take one supplement, make sure it’s this one. Made for Progress!


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HR Labs Basic Pre Workout; if you are going to take one supplement, make sure it’s this one. Made for Progress!

Highly effective ingredient include:

  • Creatine
  • Beta Alanine
  • Citrulline Malate
  • Caffeine
  • Taurine
  • Peak O2®


We all know that supplementing with tried and tested compounds such as Creatine Monohydrate can significantly improve performance, although it’s often the case that we may not use them as often as we should to truly maximise the potential benefits.

Here’s a for instance – your pre workout may contain Beta Alanine but it’s unlikely that you are going to be using it 7 days a week. Beta-alanine works by enhancing muscle carnosine concentrations.

Research has shown that Beta Alanine benefits are most effective when you supplement with it for extended periods, with studies indicating that doses up to 6g daily for 4 weeks or more leads to more sustained levels of muscle carnosine levels.

Another study has shown Beta Alanine to be effective at 6.4g daily but this was split into several smaller dosages so it’s real world application maybe isn’t great as the associated paraesthesia (the tingles!)

Most people can easily tolerate 3.2g, the dosage genuinely considered to be ‘clinical’ that’s found in a number of pre workouts, including DEFIB.

HR Labs Basic Pre Workout ensures that you are hitting that 3.2g every day, with 6.4g being consumed on training days.

More About Impact Ingredients

Creatine is King when it comes to time proven effective supplementation. Its effectiveness can’t be questioned and has stood the test of time. It’s been proven to increase performance, power output and recovery as well as promote a multitude of associated health benefits.

Supplementing with 5g daily is enough for most which is why we’ve included this in BASIC – if you are a giant maybe up the dose but for most 5g is fine.

Betaine Anyhdrous supplementation at 2.5g daily over prolonged periods has benefits which are not dissimilar to creatine. These include increase performance, power output and may also lead to improved body composition (less fat more muscle) over time.

Peak O2® is an adaptogenic mushroom blend of 5 strains which enables your body to positively adapt to the stresses of training and intense exercise. Increasing power and endurance by improving oxygen uptake. Benefits are similar to Beta Alanine but the mechanism of action is different.

We round out basic with 1g of Taurine, an amino acid that has a multitude of performance benefits in addition to positively impacting cellular hydration and electrolyte balance. Cocomineral™, pure organic coconut Powder to again aid with Hydration.

Astragin® is included to ensure that absorption is maximised, increasing nutrient uptake and bioavailability of the key ingredients in BASIC.

HR Labs Basic Pre Workout Ingredients

Creatine Monohydrate

The most studies and proven form of creatine is monohydrate. Creatine is a natural substance that turns into creatine phosphate in the body, which then creates adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy for muscle contractions. Creatine supplementation leads to an increase in strength, power output and cell volumization.


Carnosine is synthesized from Beta Alanine and buffers H+ ions. High intensity exercise elevates the amount of positive hydrogen ions (H+). Putting your muscles in an acidic state which increases lactic acid build up, decreases strength and causes fatigue. By buffering H+ ions, carnosine normalises the pH balance, improving muscular performance. Beta alanine is also implicated in being neuroprotective, a quality great in any stimulant based pre workout.

Betaine Anhydrous

Betaine reinforces muscle contraction by protecting skeletal muscle ATP. Allowing it to generate the force required for the contraction of muscle, leading to better form and growth. Betaine is also an osmolyte, a molecule that regulates the body’s water balance, promoting cell hydration.

As an osmolyte, betaine protects cells, proteins, and enzymes from environmental stress. The increase in cell hydration also causes muscular volumization, providing a great training pump.

Peak O2™

In clinical trials it was proven to increase the body’s ability to uptake oxygen and use it more efficiently. It was also proven to have a significant impact on power output.


Taurine is involved in several physiological actions in the brain, including neuroprotection, osmoregulation and neurotransmission. It has been shown to significantly increase cell viability inhibited by stimulant use.


An instantised coconut water powder containing the key electrolytes sodium and potassium, which can help to replenish electrolytes and keep you hydrated.

Pink Himalayan Salt

A source of sodium which regulates osmotic balance, helping fluid and electrolytes circulate the body, improving hydration and cell volumization. Sodium is lost during exercise as it is excreted through sweat. Using Pink Himalayan Salt may keep muscle cramps at bay!


AstraGin® is a proprietary gut health promoting ingredient that has shown in over a dozen in-vitro studies to improve the absorption of amino acids, peptides, folate, glucosamine and other nutrients in Caco-2 cell, the gold standard used by drug companies to study the absorption of new drugs.


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