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We have developed Immunity to help boost the immune system to protect you against all viruses.

We have included the usual immune boosting supplements like VIT C, VIT D & Zinc along with other key ingredients that can also help boost natural antiviral activity of the body to fight off viral infections.

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Chaos Crew Immunity 180caps for developing immunity to help boost your immune system.  We have included the usual immune boosting supplements like:

  • VIT C,
  • VIT D
  • Zinc

along with other key ingredients that can also.


Vitamin D3 

New clinical studies are showing that Vitamin D3 is an effective weapon against COVID-19; as well as other potentially dangerous respiratory viruses. Vit D3 strengthens the immune system and prepares it against viral attacks. Studies also show that people with low Vitamin D levels are more prone to get chronically ill.

Vitamin C

Been shown in multiple studies to kill viruses and reduce symptoms. It is currently being used in a clinical trial in China to treat patients with Covid 19 and so far showing very promising results.


Been show to slow virus infection and takeover of cells and makes it harder for virus to replicate. Studies have shown that zinc may help to reduce the duration of colds and flus by up to 50 percent.


A crucial antioxidant and supports the immune system and antiviral response. People deficient in this mineral may be more prone to respiratory and other infections.

Olive leave extract

Been shown to treat infection caused by a large number of viruses as well as bacteria, parasitic protozoans, and fungi. A phytochemical in olive leaf, call oleuropein, is able to stop viruses in their tracks. Oleuropein neutralizes the enzymes that are important for the virus to replicate itself and spread.

Oleuropein also has the ability to interfere with the critical amino acid production essential for viruses.

Beta Glucan

A natural polysaccharide that is classified as an Immuno-Modulator; meaning, it “modulates” (changes) your Immune System to make it as efficient as possible. This fiber-like molecule works by activating every Immune System Cell in the body: Macrophages, Neutrophils, Basophils, Natural Killer Cells, etc.Macrophages,specifically, trigger a host of immune functions that allow the body to produce the most complete, effective and appropriate immune response achievable.

The activity of the body’s immunocytes (Immune Cells) determines how well your Immune System traps and consumes invaders that do not belong in the body.


A naturally occurring plant pigment present in colorful fruits and vegetables like onions, berries, red wine, green tea, and apples. It’s commonly used in medicine, supplements, and even skincare due to its antioxidant properties. A 2020 study published by the University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Labs used the worlds most powerful IBM supercomputer to model how compounds or supplements might interfere with the coronavirus binding to cells.

Quercetin was ranked number five out of over 8000, the first four were pharmaceutical drugs. The term Coronavirus refers to the family of viruses that includes everything, from other SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) viruses that cause serious respiratory problems to the common cold.

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