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HWK Fake Away Pizzas

HWK Fake Away Pizzas can be created for any preference and any palate. Using Lo Dough bases in combination with eat lean protein cheese and you can create an endless bounty of tasty, macro friendly pizzas that satisfy without stretching the waistbands on your trousers.

Get creative with the lo dough pizza bases available here. 

Add Eat Lean protein cheese to help hit your daily protein targets. Low calorie, muscle building, nutrient dense & satisfying. 

Diets don’t have to be boring, you just need to know how to make them interesting. 

Low calorie pizza options



1) “Beetroot Bad A$$”
Skinny tomato sauce base, beetroot, mushroom, coriander & eat lean cheese.
156cal | 22g Protein | 2g Fat | 9g Carb
2) “Choco Itialio”
Nutella sauce base, peanut butter, white chocolate & strawberries
394cal | 11g Protein | 23g Fat | 30g Carb
3) “Social Distancer”
Tomato purée sauce base, eat lean cheese, onion & tomato.
167cal | 27g Protein | 2.2g Fat | 5g Carb 
4) “Avo Licious”
Tomato purée & chilli sauce base, eat lean cheese, feta cheese, avocado, spinach & mushroom.
302cal | 29g Protein | 14g Fat | 12g Carb
5) “Goaty Good”
Skinny tomato sauce base, tomato, mushroom, goats cheese, coriander, eat lean cheese & spinach.
279cal | 30g Protein | 12g Fat | 6g Carb
6) “Broco Breath Tester”
Skinny garlic sauce base, broccoli, onion & sun-dried tomatoes.
211cal | 27.5g Protein | 2g Fat | 19g Carb
Calories and macros are for the whole pizza, enjoy!
  1. Unwrap your lo dough base.
  2. Spread your sauce on the base or leave dry. To save even more calories you could use a skinny sauce which contain zero calories and taste great. They come in many flavours both savoury and sweet.
  3. Sprinkle your eat lean cheese and add vegetables of your choosing.
  4. Dessert? Then spread some Nutella and peanut butter to create a “snickers” style pizza for a treat. Granted these are higher calorie and less nutritious but eaten less frequently are fine. Mouth wateringly good also.


Check below to see some of the HWK coaches creations above. What’s your favourite? Why not send us a picture of your creation or share it on our forum. 



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