Indulgence High Protein Recipes



One of our indulgent recipes. Tasty, filling and comforting. Not one to be enjoyed regularly but great for days where limitation is less important. A great dish filling strenuous activity like running a marathon, a long game of rugby or a gruelling cross fit event. Eating indulgent foods should not be taboo or invoke guilt associated feelings. Meals like these should be enjoyed without worry, but eaten less regularly. This meal has a high protein, fat, carb and calorie content, useful perhaps if trying to build muscle in the off season. A little high on the saturated fat but eaten occasionally, say once a month is absolutely fine. Check out our skinny version of this dish to enjoy a the meal in an healthier lower calorie form, without sacrificing the taste. We’ve included a skinny version to showcase how some simple ingredient changes can have a huge impact on the calories. Contact us for details on how t0 make your meals more exciting without adding all the unnecessary calories.


  1. Preheat your slow cooker to high.
  2. Chop and prepare all your vegetable ingredients.
  3. Slice and dry fry the chorizo. Once browned add to the slow cooker.
  4. Add uncooked chicken, cooked chorizo, garlic, basil, mushrooms, tomatoes, 200ml chicken stock, 200ml boiling water and pesto to your slow cooker. Mix well and cook for 3 hours. 
  5. Now add the penne pasta and remaining chicken stock, cream and philly. Cook for a further 45 minutes until the pasta is firm soft.
  6. Add  spinach and heat for a further 10 minutes. Stir well  
  7. Serve & enjoy. 

Note: Ensure to stir occasionally throughout the  process to allow for even cooking.

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