HWK Seeded Salted Caramel Oats
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HWK Salted Carmel Oats

HWK Salted Carmel Oats is a fantastic option if you have a high energy filled day. This breakfast starter packs a huge nutrient punch that is great for all round good health. Crammed with good fats, fibre and slow releasing energy. The added salted caramel is a product low to zero in calories which adds tastes and flavourings to blander meals. Visit the HWKSHOP and get some skinny syrups, chia seeds and more . They’re great for adding a variety of tastes to meals and can help increase diet adherence, improving your weight management efforts.

For those of you trying g to build muscle, why not add a protein shake or egg white omelette to increase the protein content. Studies have found whey protein is high in an amino acid called Leucine. This amino is very important for MPS (muscle protein synthesis). 

Whey protein may promote important cellular signalling changes through its ability to elevate plasma and intracellular leucine. Whey protein also promotes intramuscular accumulation of triglycerides while inhibiting hepatic accumulation of fat. Read the study here.

In short ensuring you consume enough protein helps kick start muscle building and growth. In building terms; imagine you’ve just supplied a ton of sand and bags of cement with a bucket of water. A good builder knows the drill and the mixer gets “switched on” as a result of the new materials. They throw in the components allow it mix, it then used to build. The same for your body.

Ok so yeah I’m no builder, but you get my point (hopefully). If however you’d like a more of a detailed explanation or help with anything fitness or food related then I’m happy to explain more during a private coaching session available to book here😋.

With all sincerity we passionately support and guide those wishing to improve their health and aesthetics. Sign up for free or subscribe to one of our coaching programmes and start achieving today. We’d be honoured to support you. 

You can get your hands on quality tasting and performing whey protein in our shop by clicking this link. Don’t hesitate to get in touch should you need supplementation advice 

HWK Seeded Salted Caramel Oats
HWK Seeded Salted Caramel Oats Ingrediants

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