Kitchen Set-Up Assessment

“Red light” foods are foods that are just bad news for you. Maybe they make you feel sick, or they trigger you to eat too much, or you know they’re an unhealthy choice for you, etc. Red means “no go”. (Or at least very rarely.)
“Yellow light” foods are foods that are sometimes OK, sometimes not. Maybe you can eat a little bit without feeling ill, or you can eat them sanely at a restaurant with others but not at home alone, or you can have them as an occasional treat, etc. Yellow means “approach with caution”.
“Green light” foods are foods that make you feel good mentally and physically, and that you can eat normally, slowly, to feeling satisfied. These are usually things like fruits and vegetables, lean protein, and legumes Green means “go for it!”
Selected Value: 0
1 = A kitchen nightmare - 10 = Heston Blumenthal would be jealous